If you're one of the 83% of Americans that drink coffee in the morning to give you an extra little pep in your step, and you happen to do it with the help of a Keurig, then you're in for a wild, caffeinated ride. In a move that seems an awful lot like greedy, money-hungry conglomerates looking for more pieces of the financial pie, Keurig (AKA Green Mountain) announced they're going to make KCups "interactive." 

Honestly, it's an attempt to edge out the competition who are making money off the ever-popular coffee pods.

What does this means for the KCup drinking world? Any pod company that hasn't entered into an agreement (to pay some sort of interactive-technology fees to Green Mountain) won't get the new interactive technology. And this interactive technology will be required in order to brew any sort of KCup in the brand-y new machines.

You bet your keester this technology will be patented this time....

I'm always on the lookout for new flavors for my own Keurig machine. I have exactly ONE cup a day--I'm fortunate I don't need more caffeine to jolt me awake in the mornings, and at an average of $1/KCup, they're on the pricier side.

I actually ran out of KCups last week. And after looking at the prices, my checking account balance, and the fact that I couldn't find any coupons, I decided not to buy more KCups.

Then I walked into Homegoods in Fort Collins and found two flavors I hadn't tried at decent prices (who knew they sold KCups there?): Brown Sugar Cake and Caramel Almond Torte.

I ripped open the boxes once I got home and found:

Townsquare Media

One with a normal top label. And one with a "Keurig Brewed" label. I wonder if Gloria Jean's has already entered into Green Mountain's agreement....

Here's to hoping my Keurig never breaks. And lasts forever... It was The Verge's article on Keurig's decision that had the funny, albeit fitting line: