A large Bull Elk walked into an Estes Park gift shop…. No joke!

The owner of the Water Wheel Gift Corner on West Elkhorn Avenue in Estes Park was surprised when a bull elk wandered in the front door to his shop and stayed for about 45 minutes. Then it wandered out... and then back into the store, but was eventually lured out with apples. No word on which T Shirt the elk liked the most.

The owner was scared but managed to get video that he addressed with:

Hi! Everyone Today While I was at my own Store a Giant Bull Elk Got Inside The Store In Estes Park and the Officers Tried to help him out of the store from the outside then he went out with some apples they gave it to him but I think the Elk Love Our Store Water wheel Gift Corner that's why he came back again after a while again. Thanks GOD I was Inside stuck for some time but fortunately he did not do any Mess Inside the STORE by the Elk. Its an Interesting one How he angled his Antler to go out. Hope you enjoyed though bit scary for me.


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