Have you ever had the feeling someone (or something) is watching you? That suspicion hit a Colorado family recently and a new video share proves they were correct.

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You could title this "Meanwhile, in Estes Park" as Michael Bertrand shared this video initially on his Facebook page and now on YouTube. It's deer. Lots and lots of deer who look like they'd really like to come inside.

The comments on the Elk in Estes Park Facebook page are entertaining including some theories about why this buck is looking at them so longingly. Most seem to theorize that this big boy was hoping for a food handout. Got any corn?

Considering how prevalent wildlife are in the Estes Park area, it would be extremely surprising to NOT have deer staring in your windows. Still, it's a fun and innocent deer moment which shows once again why living in the West is never dull. Very few parts of America can claim the kind of nearby wildlife diversity quite like we can.

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