Wild meet domesticated. A new video captured the moment when a Colorado cat and elk became fast friends through a window.

This happened very recently in Estes Park, Colorado. That area in particular is no stranger to a burgeoning elk population. As one herd was congregating in a family's backyard, one curious elk decided to check out the curious-looking animal inside.

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Is it just me or does it appear the cat wants to go outside to join the elk more than the other way around? This innocent animal moment debuted on Facebook yesterday in the Elk in Estes Park group.

Alpine Ridge Inn mentions the best places to see elk in Estes Park. The short answer is anywhere in Estes Park as there is a herd of 30 that are commonly seen roaming through neighborhoods in the area.

The best time for an elk road trip to Estes Park is during Elk Fest in the fall. Visit Estes Park has details about this celebration every year. I now know one cat in particular who will be wanting tickets for this year's event.

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