Your cat would like to thank you for putting a big toy, filled with blinking lights and dangling ornaments to play with. Those chewy needles and the smells. So irresistible

You are a good human slave.

How can a cat resist jumping on and climbing up through such a colorful jungle?

But every good toy comes with its challenges.

Christmas trees like to fight back.

So let's have a look at the best videos we could find for you of cats VS. Christmas trees.

WARNING! - Sometimes the tree wins.

Actually, the tree wins a lot.

If a cat breaks a Christmas tree the humans get right to work on resetting it so the cat can go play again.

Wonderful human slaves. If only they were more attentive to the dinner dish.

Humans try many different ideas to make the Christmas tree more challenging.

To the cat, that must make the tree more fun.

The humans have to act as if they are upset that the cat knocked over the tree. They can't act as if they want the cat to play with the toy. Cats simply DO NOT play with anything that humans want them to play with.

Now, why can't humans be this much fun all year round?

What's even more fun is the final treat the humans have left.

Just when the cat is finally bored playing with the tree the humans open up all of the wrapped boxes under the tree.



Then there is all that crinkly paper to play with too.

Your cat would like to thank you for honoring him with this wonderful gift every year.

They would like to than you, but they won't.

Thanking you would be acting too much like a dog.

Besides, you might forget your place in the house if the cat showed any appreciation.

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