Whether a drone is peeking in your window while you’re in the bathroom or taking video of your daughter trying to get an all-over tan, can you shoot down a spying drone?

Whether you consider flying robots a nuisance or a danger, does a property owner have the right to protect their airspace? Amateur drone pilots have caused the grounding of firefighting aircraft that were trying to drop water on California wildfires, for fear of hitting drones trying to capture aerial footage.

People have been arrested for shooting down drones in Kentucky, New Jersey, California, and more, and they were arrested for it. A judge dismissed all charges against the Kentucky man. A Florida man got away with it for lack of evidence.

Obviously, anytime firearms are involved, safety concerns go way up. With Amazon and other retailers introducing drone delivery, we need to figure out ways of dealing with this new technology that is outpacing our laws.

In Cheyenne, there are no ordinances dealing with drones at this time but know that is illegal to discharge a firearm within city limits. A bow & arrow with a backstop or airguns with a backstop would likely keep you out of handcuffs, according to Cheyenne Police Department Public Information Officer Kevin Malatesta.

Voyeurism is covered by a statewide law (64304) and is a felony carry8ing up to two years and/or more than a 5,000 dollar fine.

Cornell Law School says federal law (18 USC § 32) views drones as aircraft and anyone damaging, destroying or disabling a drone could get 20 years in prison and/or a $250,000 fine.

All that said, here's How to Shoot Down a Drone (If you dare)

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