‘The Cannonball Run,’ the camp-tastic 1981 road race flick starring everyone from Burt Reynolds to Terry Bradshaw, looks like it is going to be getting a remake. Because, well, of course it is. 

According to New York Magazine, Warner Bros. wants Guy Ritchie (‘Sherlock Holmes’) to direct the update, and hopes to get Brad Pitt and some of his buddies from ‘Oceans Eleven’ behind the wheels of the film’s varied assortment of high-speed vehicles.

Varied assortment of General Motors vehicles that is, as the auto giant is in talks to provide financing for the film, which would then highlight GM’s latest lines of cars.

You can watch the trailer for the original ‘The Cannonball Run’ below. Sadly Dom Deluise is no longer with us, and thus won’t be able to make a cameo in the remake.  But it’s safe to say Burt Reynolds and his mustache will be making a cameo.

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