It's been almost twenty years since 'Interview with a Vampire' hit theaters, which means it's been about twenty years since Tom Cruise last worked with Brad Pitt. But the duo could reunite for Joseph Kosinski's 'Go Like Hell.'

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Pitt is being courted for the movie, which is about dueling sports car companies Ford and Ferrari, and is based on the book 'Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari and Their Battle for Speed and Glory at Le Mans' by A. J. Baime. Cruise is attached to play car designer Carroll Shelby and it seems likely that Pitt would play Cruise's rival.

This would then be Pitt's second go-around with the project as he was attached to the film when it was to be directed by Michael Mann. As Pitt recently starred in 'The Counselor,' which was helmed by his 'Thelma and Louise' director Ridley Scott, perhaps Pitt likes to check in with some of the people he's worked with after twenty years or so. If the film comes together, it will happen shortly as Cruise is also attached to 'Mission: Impossible 5' which is scheduled to hit theaters Christmas 2015, while Brad Pitt is likely attached to star in 'World War Z 2' which just signed a director.

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