It was a tough month that we had to go without our beloved downtown sandwich shop after the business changed hands. I think we're better for it, and I'm looking forward to trying out the new ownership of Capitol Cuisine. It also looks like new owner, Pete Hastings has plans to make some additions to the menu. Let's get excited for some of the locally sourced dinners he has in store for us.

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It's nice to see Capitol Cuisine reopened already, the past few weeks of walking past the building with the "open soon" sign posted, just made me want to eat there more. You just don't know what you got, until it's gone(thanks, Cinderella) or until it reopens, anyways.

Check out some of the positive comments from their reopening post on Downtown Cheyenne:

"I wish Pete every success!"

"So glad we didn't lose this restaurant in the transition. Can't wait to see what the menu has in store. "

"Way to go Pete! We will come in to see you!"

It goes on from there. It's really nice to see the city excited for the future success of the new ownership. I mean, we call all agree that sandwiches are pretty awesome. It's also a really nice location and setup for the restaurant. The location also makes it a can't miss in the city, sitting right on Capitol Ave.(and right down the street from the radio station).

Now I'm hungry. Excuse me, walking down the street, now.


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