This really feels like a "The King Is Dead, Long Live The King" situation. Capitol Cuisine, a bright spot for lunch in Downtown Cheyenne, is set to close it's doors with their current ownership. There is a new owner coming in, so it's looking like we'll still have a place to get lunch. But also, in this situation, we're getting a new sports bar? Ok, I'm interested.

In a Facebook Post yesterday, Capitol Cuisine announced they only had two days left and would be closed Monday for Memorial Day. They also announced that they sold the shop, so it looks like they'll have new ownership or a new lunch spot in general. But what is more interesting, is the announcement of Ike's Bar & Grill, which will be located on 112 West 6th Street.

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The new bar and grill will be off 6th street in Cheyenne. It's going to be in good company, sitting near Anong's Thai Cuisine and Diamond Horseshoe Cafe around the corner.

A local sports bar is one thing that Cheyenne has really been missing, and it looks like they're about to fill that void in the Capitol City. The post gave a date as to when they hope to open, which would be July 1st. That's a great time with football season creeping around the corner and the new sports gambling bill. This may just be the place to watch football and put your mobile wagers in.

Either way, congratulations to the crew at Capitol Cuisine/Ike's Bar & Grill. The King Is Dead, Long Live The King.

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