The 2nd Annual 'Cars, Cigars, & Guitars - Under the Stars' car show event, held at the Greek Ponderosa Ranch in north Cheyenne, took place back on September 11th. The event was a rousing success, raising over $45,000 to be distributed amongst several local charities throughout the Cheyenne community.

With help from sponsors, supporters, and all the volunteers from the AHEPA Cowboy Chapter 211 Cheyenne, an effort was put together to raise the funds for charities such as Girls on the Run, Skills USA, K9’s for Mobility, Unaccompanied Students Initiative, and donations for other local charities.

The event has now established itself as the premier charity classic car show in the Tri State region, according to a recent press release. The motto for the show is automotive enthusiasts celebrating the motoring lifestyle and improving the community along the way. There were approximately 350 people in attendance for the car show as they made their way around the Greek Ponderosa Ranch, which is also the home of Tim and Kathy Joannides. Not only did guests get to view several classic cars, but also enjoyed plenty of cigars, food and beverages as well. Mr. Byrd & The Perfect Strangers provided the musical entertainment for the event.

A big draw for the event was raffling off a new Kawasaki W800 motorcycle which was donated by Cheyenne Motorsports. Dawn McDonnell of Cheyenne took home the extravagant prize.

Another big promotion for the show saw the Lokar Car Show on MotorTrend TV and two other networks have the event nationally televised. The episode will air on December 26th, or you can view it here, below.

LCS_S6_E13_2033_13_CARS CIGARS AND GUITARS UNDER THE STARS_CLIENT.mp4 from Powerscope Productions on Vimeo.

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