A Casper couple who survived COVID-19 took to national media on Tuesday with a clear message: COVID-19 is not a hoax.

Appearing on CNN, Ann and Marvin Robinson said they became ill with COVID months ago, but they're still feeling the effects today.

Marvin Robinson said he is still short of breath.

"If I go outside to move my water, I will walk three or four steps carrying a sprinkler, and I would have to hold on to the fence for a while to get my air," Marvin Robinson said.

While ill with the virus, Marvin Robinson said he sat in his recliner for days "gasping" for air.

Added Ann Robinson: "Our symptoms seemed to kind of follow each other. We had days where would just sit and stare at each other and wonder if and when it was going to get over."

Ann Robinson said she too is still experiencing episodes of fatigue.

"There's a lot of unknown. We don't know what's coming next for us, either," she said.

But the lingering symptoms aren't the only battle the Robinsons are fighting.

Their friends believe that COVID-19 is a "hoax" that's going to "go away on election day."

One of the biggest struggles today, Ann Robinson said, is trying to "convince people that it's real."

Watch the full interview below.

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