Donald Trump may not have done too well running for President, but he knows how to grab headlines by rounding up C and D-list celebs for the next edition of ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’ The latest hodge-podge of “actors,” sports figures, comedians and reality show, uh, personalities was announced this morning.

This might be the most interesting bunch yet, as we have a former ‘American Idol’ finalist, a race car driver, a former cast member of the original ‘Star Trek,’ several models, a Hulk, and even a magician!

Check out our favorites in the new cast below (for a full list, go here), along with the pros and cons of each. Who are you rooting for this season? Let us know in the comments.

Clay Aiken

Pros: The former ‘American Idol’ contestant knows how to develop a devoted fan base…

Cons: … even though those fans forgot about him within a year after he left the show.

Michael Andretti

Pros: Andretti can definitely win a race, as he comes from a long line of successful American race car drivers. (His pop is Mario Andretti.)

Cons: He’s not as popular these days as Marco, his 24-year-old racing sensation son.

Adam Carolla

Pros: ‘The Adam Carolla Show’ has made him an internet star thanks to his sharp commentary, interviewing skills and ability to make almost anything into a joke.

Cons: He screams less “team player” and more “grouchy loner.”

Arsenio Hall

Pros: Hall was able to grab A-list celebrities for his talk show, and can use those same skills to score big-time clients.

Cons: His brown-nosing, er, friendly demeanor with celebs played better in 1992. We haven’t seen him hanging out with Eddie Murphy since the Clinton days.

Penn Jillette

Pros: Jillette can use a combination of sleight-of-hand and dramatic stunts to confuse his competitors.

Cons: He doesn’t have a good track record of winning celebrity reality shows following his ‘Dancing with the Stars’ loss. Is far less appealing without his silent sidekick Teller.

Lisa Lampanelli

Pros: The foul-mouthed comedian definitely has a charitable side to her. She gave $50,000 to a charity for the gay and lesbian community after claiming she’d donate $1,000 for every protester who picketed her show.

Cons: Her racy humor could alienate corporate clients. Though if a celebrity roast ends up being one of the challenges, she’ll be an asset.

George Takei

Pros: Better know as Sulu from ‘Star Trek,’ Takei has the uncanny ability of remaining in the spotlight thanks to his healthy sense of humor about his C-level status. He’s also has some writing skills — his autobiography chronicled part of his life during World War II — which means he pays close attention to detail.

Cons: Trump may not see him as anything other than an ironic pop culture punchline.

Victoria Gotti

Pros: The star of ‘Growing Up Gotti’ grew up as the daughter of John Gotti, the Gambino crime family boss. Perhaps her knowledge of living in this underground world has given her some business skills. Shady business is still business.

Cons: If housewife reality shows tell us anything, it’s that these kinds of characters can’t always survive outside of their ‘Gotti’ lifestyles. And that there’s a 90% chance she’ll yank someone’s hair within the first 10 minutes of episode one.

Dee Snider

Pros: Snider started out as the vocalist for the metal band Twisted Sister and was able to branch out into radio hosting. This ability to adapt to changing business environments may help him out.

Cons: We wonder if a raging rocker personality like Snider’s can adapt to the conservative business world of New York City. We also fear he’ll break out the lip gloss and blush for the sake of a sale.

Cheryl Tiegs

Pros: Tyra Banks teaches us that the most successful models are chameleons and can adapt to any given situation. We’re assuming this is also true of Tiegs.

Cons: Unlike Tyra, Tiegs never really surpassed her pin-up gal status.

Paul Teutul, Sr.

Pros: Teutul, Sr., one of the stars of ‘American Chopper,’ has some entrepreneur in him. After all, he’s a co-founder of his own business.

Cons: Sure, he runs a motorcycle business. But can he write a jingle for Chipotle or whatever other nonsense Trump and his minions will concoct this season?

Lou Ferrigno

Pros: The ‘Incredible Hulk’ actor and former fitness trainer definitely has a tough exterior that can handle all sorts of criticism…

Cons: We’re not sure if Ferrigno’s temper can handle it though. Don’t make Lou angry. You wouldn’t like him on your team when he’s angry.

Deborah Gibson

Pros: It’s hard to make it in music and Deborah “Debbie” Gibson’s ability to do just that demonstrates perseverance and assertiveness.

Cons: Whether she can sing and dance around the business world is up for debate.

Tia Carrere

Pros: Her acting roles in old-school films ‘True Lies’ and ‘Relic Hunter’ makes her no stranger to acting under pressure, while turns on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ and ‘Wayne’s World’ show she has a sense of humor.

Cons: Her habit of getting involved with bad movie after bad movie (everything after ‘Wayne’s World’) may prove she’s not great at making business decisions.

Patricia Velasquez

Pros: Even though she ultimately became a model and actress, Velasquez studied accounting and engineering in college.

Cons: It’s been a while since she’s had to put that knowledge to good use. Needless to say her roles in ‘The Mummy’ and ‘Arrested Development’ didn’t require those skills.

Dayana Mendoza

Pros: Miss Universe 2008 can speak with eloquence and poise. We figure she can probably look the part of a business woman.

Cons: We don’t think her passion for wave surfing will help her much in the competition.