If a new internet ranking is to be believed, Centennial is the best small town in America. Let's see if you agree.

I must admit that I'm always wary of these best-of lists. Anyone with a keyboard can throw an opinion out and most of them have never even visited the towns they're "ranking". But, when major national sites like Thrillist share something like this, I pay attention.

Thrillist just issued their 2020 Best Small Towns in the USA list and you'll never in a million years guess which one they selected in Wyoming. Well, I guess you probably could since I shared that in the title. Thrillist says that Centennial is the best small town in Wyoming. To that I say "really"?

Here's part of why Thrillist says Centennial is as good as it gets in Wyoming:

This tiny outpost features all the best things about Wyoming -- friendly bars, wide-open spaces, great music, and access to some of the most starkly beautiful outdoor recreation you'll find anywhere.

I agree with that last part. Centennial is the gateway to the Snowy Range and that area is gorgeous.

In my mind, I was still questioning why anyone would choose Centennial which is very much off the beaten path when you could argue that there are probably a dozen other Wyoming towns that could have gotten this nod.

If you read the beginning explanation of the Thrillist ranking, you'll notice that their priority was choosing small towns with a very slow pace of life. That makes Centennial an ideal choice in my mind since it's not really close to anything other than nature.

Check out the full Thrillist ranking and see if you agree with their Wyoming choice.

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