An expert from claims the term 'dive bar' is overused. So much so that they came up with a list of criteria for what makes a place a 'dive bar.' It's called Signs You're Not A Dive Bar.

According to Thrillist, here's how you spot a fake dive bar:

  • No duct tape in the booths
  • An extensive food menu
  • Wifi
  • They sell souvenir shirts
  • The bathroom is comfortable
  • The bartender is extremely welcoming
  • Nobody stares you down when you enter
  • The glassware and decor matches
  • The lighting's great
  • There's a great beer selection (AKA a fancy beer selection)

So this just begs for a test of Cheyenne bars - which are - and are not - dives.

(And hey, this is in no way scientific-based research, just the opinion of some guy based on some internet article, for fun)

  • The Crown Bar - Absolutely a dive. Always look over your shoulder in the bathroom.
  • Stanfords - Not a dive. It looks like a flea market on acid, but not divey.
  • Scooter's Scoreboard's - Dive. Great Bloody Mary's.
  • Alf's Pub - Almost a dive, but the restrooms and patio are too nice.
  • Redwood Lounge - Dive.
  • Four Winds - Dive.
  • Cadillac Ranch - Not a dive. Dives serve real shots; not fancy shooters.
  • Peppermill - Neighborhood bar, not fancy, but not a dive.
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