Technology has made things so easy to get things done. Between our apps, Alexas, Siri, Google Home, there are so many it's hard to list them all.

Now Pizza Hut has decided to get on board and start testing a new way of getting your pizza to you with little to no human interaction. (You know, for those of us who are EXTRA introverted.)

Thrillist wrote an article on this explaining how they plan to go about it, currently, the only location they are testing it out in is L.A. One of the questions that immediately popped into my head was, "how exactly are you going to stop someone from just walking in and stealing the pizza that I've paid for?"

Apparently, through the Pizza Hut app, the lockers will only unlock once your location has been confirmed that you are in store to pick up your order. Another pretty interesting part is that these lockers are lined with this special material that will keep your pizza hot and your drinks cold until you get there.

My biggest concern is constantly being watched by our phones and any piece of technology that we have on us. I'd personally rather just call in my order and go pick it up. But maybe I'm just being paranoid that big brother is always watching.

So if this ends up being successful and coming to Wyoming, what are the chances that you are going to use it? Do you think this is a good idea or do you believe that this is going to drive us even further apart?

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