If you're a fan of Yellowstone, you'll love this house outside of Laramie that is for sale at the low, low price of $1,150,000!

I like to think this home has some Dutton family home vibes to it, while also being a cabin-style of home. I also know, it's not a ranch, and it doesn't look spot-on like the Dutton family home, but, with a little imagination and a fire pit with chairs out front, you'll be sipping on whiskey and making big plans in no time!

I really do love this home, it has a lot, tons of bedrooms and every room is gorgeous. They also have a barn that not only has an apartment, but it feels like it would be a great wedding venue, which is big money these days. You could even throw in a package for the bride and groom to stay in the apartment or just Airbnb it out, or both.

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See, I'm already helping you out with your business ventures. All you need to do is take care of the lofty million-plus bucks and I'll take care of everything else! Well, at least in part of telling you to turn the barn into a money maker.

I also love how far out this home is. You won't have to worry about hearing your neighbors unless a pack of elk or moose come down and hang out in your front yard. But, I'm sure you'd probably enjoy that at least.

So, wipe your feet, and let us take a tour of this beautiful home!

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