Whoever the social media person is for the National Parks Service, needs a raise. They're constantly cranking out content and they do a great job of making some creative and humourous posts from time to time. Like the one time they had the parts of a bison that you can pet. Well, they took that idea and went a step ahead.

This time, the National Parks Service decided to make our beloved Yellowstone Bison's Will Smith. Yes, Will Smith. How did they do that? They rewrote the lyrics to "The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air". If you're wondering, yes, it was incredible.

Again, I'm not sure who runs their social media accounts, but I'm here to say they're heroes. They're not the ones we want, but the ones we need. They're kind of like the Dark Knight of social media account managers. Just check out their great flow.


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I'm not saying they're the greatest rapper alive by any means, but, man, they probably spent a lot of time working on that. Those flows don't just roll off your pencil unless you're name is Eminem or NF. Basically, you have to be from Detroit. Mom's spaghetti and all. Or not.

Just go ahead and grab the audio from Youtube without the lyrics and karaoke the Yellowstone Bison alternative to "The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air". I'm not saying I did it, but, well, yes, I actually did. Thank you, National Parks Service, we appreciate your work.

2021, what a time to be alive.

From Bison to Triceratops - All of Wyoming's Official Things

Every state in our nation has chosen things that represent the state in one way or another to be official state things. Like a flower, or animal. Wyoming is no different.

The Equality State, or the Cowboy State, depending on which state slogan you want to go with, has a state flower. But did you know we also have a state tree and a state fish? Yes, we even have a state code.

To be an official thing, a member of the state legislature must write and submit a bill to the legislature declaring that a thing will be the official state thing. Then the legislature votes to pass the bill, or not, if it passes, the governor signs the bill into law and we have a new official state thing.

Here is what we have so far, all of Wyoming's official things. Now you can win big on Wyo Trivia Night if that's a thing that exists.


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