Social media has unlocked a world that has many great and awful parts to it. And they're equal amounts. For better or worse, you get to see someone else's view on something. Sometimes, though, that view can be really cool. Something that we see every day without pause could be something that someone else looks at in amazement.

Someone on TikTok traveled to Southeast Wyoming and documented some of the sites they saw as they were in Cheyenne and Laramie. It's pretty cool to see the view from their perspective. I mean, we all see the Lane Frost statue multiple times a year, but someone who isn't from here might be stuck in awe-amazement.

Here, check out their video.



I love that starched jeans, food, and Lane Frost all came at the end with Lane in all caps. I think we all feel like that about one of the legends of Cheyenne Frontier Days. I bet it'd blow their mind if they came during the summer when we have the best weather on the planet and there is a constant stream of events.

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They also used the song "Never Comin' Home". So, I mean, they saw our way of life and they were like, "wow, Wyoming does exist and they figured out life".

I mean, that's my takeaway from the video and the subtle context clues. Overall, it's pretty cool to have visitors come through and have their minds blown by our way of life and the things we have here. Let's try and not take them for granted.

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