The following post contains SPOILERS for Spider-Man: No Way Home. But surely you know that when you clicked on a headline about the climax of the movie, right?

The big finale of Spider-Man: No Way Home contained a moment Marvel fans had been dreaming and speculating about for years: A team-up between three generations of Peter Parkers (Peters Parker?): Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland. Because Marvel and Sony kept Maguire and Garfield’s appearances secret until the film premiered, we’ve basically seen none of the incredible work that went into pulling that epic showdown off.

But now that the movie has been out for over a month, we’re going to start to finally see some of that stuff. For example, concept artist Marek Okon just shared a piece of concept art from No Way Home that shows one version of the climactic battle between the Spider-Men (Spiders-Man?) and Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin. Okon, who also worked as a concept artist on films like Kingsman: The Golden Circle and Jupiter Ascending, wrote on Twitter that “with so many iconic characters in one frame I was geeking out the whole time”:

Interestingly, in that artwork Garfield’s Spider-Man is wearing a kind of hybrid costume; from the neck up, it looks like his Amazing Spider-Man 2 suit, and from the neck down, it looks more like his Amazing Spider-Man 1 suit.

Here’s a similar shot from Maciej Kuciara, a concept artist who worked on Avengers: EndgameInfinity WarCivil WarGodzilla vs. Kong, and Wonder Woman 1984, showing the three Spideys without the villains:

With all of the characters, both heroes and villains, the inevitable Art of Spider-Man: No Way Home book should be pretty amazing (and spectacular [and sensational]). Spider-Man: No Way Home is still playing in theaters everywhere.

Spider-Man: No Way Home: The Coolest Easter Eggs

Did you spot these Marvel Easter eggs and references in Spider-Man: No Way Home?
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