Date night just got a whole lot better! Last night the City of Cheyenne granted Capital Cinema 16 in Cheyenne a liquor license so they can now serve beer and wine to patrons. This is on the heels of opening the newest wing of the theater called "Club 21" which is for adults 21 and over only. This will be one of the locations in the theater where you'll be able to purchase wine or beer. The plan is to allow consumption in Club 21, movie auditoriums, and the dining area.

There was some concern about the availability of alcohol throughout the theater, but the owner and GM Robert Berger, assured the Governing Body that the staff in those areas will be TIPS trained. The ordinance was passed unanimously last night.

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Now that we understand the brass tax of the ordinance, and how you can get a beer or glass of wine to go with your movie, let's talk about how great date night will be. It's almost like a one-stop-shop, you can go to The Office Bar and Grill for dinner, then walk out the back entrance straight to Capitol Cinema. If you already have your ticket, you can get a discount at The Office, which they've been doing for a while.

After dinner, you can go and get a beer and head to your show or back to the exclusive 21 and over part, Club 21. It doesn't get much better than this for enjoying a night out and all the chips are down to do that. You can learn more about Club 21 here.

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