I finally had the opportunity to try out the new "Club 21" at Capitol Cinema 16 in Cheyenne over the weekend. If you haven't heard of this yet, and you're over 21, it's like an adult's safe space to watch a movie without teenagers talking or kids running through the theaters. The theater itself is smaller for a more intimate viewing, the spacing between the seats also, really feels like you could land a plane. That works well since your seats recline all the way back.

My wife and I wanted to check out the new Cruella movie, which, if you've not seen it yet, would seem like a film to bring the whole family to. We decided it was a good opportunity to hit up Club 21 to avoid kids loudly asking their parents questions and running up and down the aisles. Which, I'll give you this much, your kids WILL ask all the questions, because this didn't feel like a kid's movie. It felt more like a film geared toward adults. It's like Disney's attempt at making Joker.

Club 21 is at the very end of the theater, so it's a good hike from the beginning where you get your ticket. I did pass some older folks that were panting on the walk, so that would be the only slight I could think of. But, once you get back there, there is a special concession and set of restrooms. Well worth the walk.

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With AMC shutting its doors for good at the Frontier Mall, this is the absolute date night essential to get away and enjoy a dang movie. That's what we all really need at this point now, right? I mean, we had a whole year of not really having a reason to go, now, you can go in style.


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