Fargo, North Dakota has the distinction of being the drunkest city in the drunkest state.

Excessive alcohol consumption claims tens of thousands of American lives every year and costs hundreds of billions of dollars in lost productivity, auto accidents, and medical bills.

It’s believed 18% of American adults drink too much, but that percentage varies by state. 24/7 Wall St. crunched CDC numbers to rank the states that binge drink or drink heavily.

The states with the worst alcohol problems are North Dakota, Wisconsin, Alaska, and Montana.

The states with the least alcohol problems are Tennessee, West Virginia, and Utah.

Wyoming is ranked mid-pack at 28. (Yea, how shall we celebrate?)


“In Wyoming, a reported 17.5% of adults drink to excess, less than the comparable national share of 18%. Despite a lower frequency of adults drinking heavily, 35.3% of deaths from car crashes involve alcohol, the 10th highest share of any state.”


The report says Casper is the drunkest metro area.


Sobering facts.

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