Congratulations to Luis Reyes from Cheyenne. He's been selected for a prestigious team, the Scholastic Kids Press. Reyes will join young men and women from around the world as a Kid Reporter and share their experiences from their communities, according to Scholastic.

Luis is one of 50 kids from around the world selected for this program. During this school year, Luis will work with an editor. this is where he will sharpen his skills, give ideas and topics and even do interviews. Luis will report on things that are happening in this community and present them on a national level. His stories will be published on the Scholastic Kids Press website, and if it is a very good story it will make it to the Scholastic Classroom Magazine. His job will be to report "news for kids, by kids."

21 state represents the United States in this program. The rest of the students are from Puerto Rico, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, the Philippines, and Thailand.

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