The last few days have been pretty windy, even by Wyoming standards.

A 75 mile per hour gust was recorded at the Cheyenne Airport on Saturday, and that wasn't even the strongest wind officially recorded in the region.

That dubious honor goes to  a location northwest of the "natural fort" which topped out at 78 miles per hour. Wind speeds of at least 74 mph are considered hurricane force for a category 1 storm.

Wind speeds in the upper 60 to low 70 mph range were common across the region through the weekend. It looks like one more windy day is on tap today (Monday).

But the good news is that a stretch of unseasonably warm weather is in the forecast over the next few days, with temperatures reaching the 60s and possibly even the low 70s.

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Image may contain: nature, text that says 'Stand-by Winter, Warmth is on the way! Above average temperatures will continue into next week. Monday Tuesday Wednesday High Winds Mostly sunny. Strong wind gusts continue. Highs: 54-60 East 44-50 West Breezy Increasing clouds. Mostly sunny. Dry conditions persist. Highs: 61-67 East 53-64 West Highs: 63-70 East 53-63 West NOAA EATHER CHEYENNE'


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