While we all want to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey, the Red Cross can’t handle donations of furniture, cooking utensils, toys, diapers, clothing or any household items for that matter. They will be needed, but can't be handled or distributed right now.

In talking with Laura at The Red Cross, they appreciate the offers, but they’ll gladly accept money, which is really what they need for their evacuation and recovery efforts. They don’t have warehouses or trucks to move the goods to the affected areas. But money will target the greatest needs and it will get the fastest results.

You can donate at the Red Cross site, but Laura also acknowledged Facebooks and Google’s gestures to match donations up to $1 Million, but that was accomplished within the first 24 hours.

Rose from The Salvation Army says money is the best way to help, but she will know more about physical goods on Tuesday, after Labor Day.

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