That's right, Southeast Wyoming knows how to make a burger. A list of the top 5 burgers in Wyoming was released from the website Just Go. One restaurant from Cheyenne and Laramie each made the list. That's pretty awesome praise considering most travel and food magazines love to only go to Jackson when they come to Wyoming and say, "Look! Best steak in Wyoming!" So, I actually respect Just Go for doing some actual research on the subject.

When I think of great burger places, I want to go to a place where you can get a burger, ya know? When I say that, I don't mean that all 8 of your burgers are made with hummus, jam, pickled bean sprouts, and barbecue sauce. Both of the restaurants that made the top 5 are just that. You can get an actual burger.

What is the top burger from Cheyenne?

You can probably guess this one. If not, you should reconsider your burger purchasing. 2 Doors Down, is obviously a top choice in the state of Wyoming for burgers. They do it the best. My favorite from 2 Doors Down is easily their Mushroom Swiss. Their tuna burger is great, too. Their burger came in at number 2 in the state.

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What is the top burger from Laramie?

Laramie had a bit of a surprise. I've had this burger and it does check out. Roxies On Grand is the winner from Laramie. I mean, they aren't wrong, it's a great burger at a fun spot in Downtown Laramie. Their burger came in at number 5.

Herer's a look at their top 5. I don't like that 2 of the 5 are from Jackson, but what can you do?

  • 1. Liberty Burger-Jackson
  • 2. 2 Doors Down-Cheyenne
  • 3. Broadway Burger Station-Rock Springs
  • 4. Snake River Brewing-Jackson
  • 5. Roxies On Grand-Laramie

What do you think? Do you agree?

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