Good news and animals are things that we love, right? We all love good news, come on. This is just a nice pot of good news from the Cheyenne Animal Shelter after a week of their "Empty The Shelter" promotion with Bissell. Bissell does amazing work with these Empty The Shelter events across the country where they help cut down the adoption costs to urge people looking to add a new four-legged member to their family, can, at a lower cost than normal.

The numbers that went out were incredible. Over 100 pets found families. That is a feel-good story for any holiday.

They did have one dog left after the weekend, and it sure is a beautiful pup! You can check out Rayna here. Maybe we can get some holiday magic and Santa can find her a home, as well.

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Here's what they had to say about her on their Facebook post if you're interested.

Rayna is recommended for a home with kids over 10, and she can be selective about her dog friends. She requires an adoption meeting with our behavior staff in order to ensure a good fit, but feel free to apply and make an appointment!

It's awesome that they were able to get such a good response from the community looking for new furry family members. And shout out to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter for working tirelessly to find homes for these babies. It's awesome to see some good as we all settle in for the holidays. Let's hope that Rayna can find a home as well.


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