If you're still looking for that perfect, four-legged addition to your home, you're in luck as the Cheyenne Animal Shelter has extended their Valentine's adoption special through the end of February, or February 28th if you don't have a calendar handy.

What this means is, you can get a deal on certain dogs and barn cats. Dogs 7 months and older are just 14 dollars to adopt through the end of the month and barn cats are still adopt one get one. They can really work for you, especially if you're out in the county pockets. They're your own pest control. All you have to do is let them sleep somewhere warm and tend to them some and you're in business.

This is an awesome deal and it works well for both parties involved. You need a new addition to your home and the Cheyenne Animal Shelter needs to make space for more animals in need. It's a win-win situation.

If you're curious as to the dogs that they have available you can look through these from February 11th, but you can also go to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter's page and find your new friend for life here.

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So now you have the motivation to go and rescue a pup or barn cat, right? It's the perfect time to introduce them to your house, the holidays are over, it's kind of cold outside, so there's more time at home to spend with them and train them. It's perfect. No, wait, it's purrrrfect. I'll see myself out.

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