Just imagine, coming home from work after a long day, your feet are sore, your knees kind of ache, and all of a sudden, you're greeted by your four-legged friend. Your pup, your dog, your baby, you get the idea. You saved them and they're working to save you every day, it's your shelter pup!

If that's something you'd like to incision for yourself and materialize into real life, the Cheyenne Animal Shelter is running an event right now that can make this a reality. The Empty The Shelter event is happening now until July 31st at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter.

What Is the Empty The Shelter Event?

The Empty The Shelter Event is where animal shelters team up with the Bissell Pet Foundation to offer $25 adoptions for adult dogs over the age of 7 months and the fees for cats are waived.

This is an awesome event and the Cheyenne Animal Shelter usually runs through their busy shelter to find homes for their animals. I believe the last time they had an Empty The Shelter Event at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter, they were able to actually empty the shelter except for one. That's really awesome for the shelter and our community.

If you'd like to take a look at the animals they have up for adoption(there are quite a few) you can check them out here. I looked through and saw Aphrodite, a 9-month-old Border Collie mix that is absolutely gorgeous. I only bring this up because she was the first one that stood out when I opened the link. Who stands out for you? Go meet them and help out the Cheyenne Animal Shelter.

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