It's cold out. Might as well get your a barking or purring foot warmer, amirite?

Let's start off with those big woofers.


Via Cheyenne Animal Shelter

Yukon is an active adult dog. He is full of energy and a zest for life. He is working hard at learning some basic obedience and impulse control and will sit for treats. He loves to run in the play yard but he hasn't figured out the fetch game yet. He enjoys body rubs and butt scratches. In return for your affection, he will give you a hug and a big kiss. Yukon would love for him to meet with you and show you just how cute he is!


Via Cheyenne Animal Shelter

Baby is just that...a baby. She is looking for a fun loving home that will help her grow and develop into the best dog she can be. She is a little selective on her friends and would have to meet all members of the family before joining them, but once she decides that she has adopted you then you're hers.


Via Cheyenne Animal Shelter

Hi, my name is Maddox. I'm a huge sweetheart once I warm up to you, but new situations are scary. I need some work on my social skills and anything can be improved with the right time and training, however, this is definitely a habit that needs to be broken slowly and with someone I trust. Outside of that though, once I've picked you as my human I am very loving and playful,

And now for some cool cats and kittens.


Via Cheyenne Animal Shelter

This shy kitty has tested positive for feline leukemia 8 years ago but has never had any complications from it. We have retested him here at CAS and come up with a negative result which suggests his disease is regressive. Still, he should not live with other cats unless they are also FeLV positive. He has been known to be afraid of dogs so perhaps he could be your "one and only"?


Via Cheyenne Animal Shelter

Mia would like to be your only pet-- and may do better with some outdoor access as well! Barn Cat Mia is part of our Barn Cat Program. Mia is an independent soul with a bit of a wild streak. She really did try to make things work in her other home-- but living with other kitties just isn't her thing. This working cat is looking for employment in rodent/pest control. She is seeking board and room in exchange. Members of our Cat Program are poorly socialized cats that will be best in a garage/ barn/ shop/ or shed. They only require a warm place to get out of the cold, and access to food and water. All Barn Cats are neutered, current on vaccinations, and marked with a left ear tip.


Via Cheyenne Animal Shelter

Whiskey is a sweet and shy girl and is unsure if she wants attention from you or if she wants to run. Although she may be slow to trust, she has opened up to her caretakers and has shown some of her personality. We feel that with a quieter home and a sweet loving lap she will shine like New Years Eve (without the loud noises). Due to her fearfulness, if grabbed she may retaliate with her teeth, so it is preferred that she goes home with children at least 15 years of age, but is not necessary.

If you're interested in any of these pets of the week, reach out to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter.

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