Maverick Strong was a story that reached across the Capital City and the nation a few years back as the community was behind the young boy with a heart condition. He's had 30 plus surgeries and shows a lot more courage than most of us will ever have to. It captured the hearts and minds of everyone and even made way to an encounter with a Major League Baseball star, you might have heard of him, David Ortiz, or Big Papi!

Maverick's story was also told on ESPN. If you missed the story of how he became best friends with David Ortiz, you can see the whole video below. It's pretty captivating. The part where he talks about Big Papi hitting home runs for him is easily my favorite part.

Fast forward to this week. The Major League All-Star Game took place at Coors Field, in Denver. A much shorter driver for Maverick and his family to meet up with his old pal, Big Papi.

Just seeing this and learning of David Ortiz's awesome character is heartwarming. He went out of his way to make a child in need smile and be happy. As for Maverick, I'm sure being that close to his favorite baseball player helps his mind and keeps him pushing.

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If you're captivated by Maverick's story, you can learn more and help out via their Go Fund Me page here. It's been a long road for this young man, but he keeps going. It's also nice to have a special friend in Big Papi.

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