Welcome to Cheyenne Restaurant week! Tons of great food specials are happening all over Cheyenne and honestly, I wish we had bi-monthly Cheyenne Restaurant Weeks, but I guess it would lose it's luster. One of the cool things that you get from this, is the coming together of all 4 Cheyenne Breweries for a special beer.

Now when I say, special beer, I mean it. It's not a typical English or American or even German-style beer. This is a Farmhouse Ale. Last year was the first time I got to enjoy this tasty collaborated brew and it was incredible. I think it gave me Viking powers, no joke. I flew around with a giant hammer for weeks, well, until they ran out. That's the thing, it's a small batch. So you have to move on it.

This year's version of the Farmhouse Brew is a little hoppier than last year's, which is cool. It'll get your nostrils flaring to fight the Big 3, Aliens, Androids, and Wizards. Avenger's joke there.

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Don't take my word for it. Here's how the breweries are explaining it themselves.

I love this artwork. It looks like Thor chilling in his cow pasture after fighting some aliens and throwing down a brew.

Are you craving it yet? It's not too boozy, so this thing is going to be your go-to until it's out. I remember last year when everything was closed and these were out in limited stock. I had to pivot when one brewery ran out of this beer and go to another to get a growler. It's that good. Make sure you don't miss out on this Cheyenne Restaurant Week Staple.


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