10 years as a business anywhere is truly an accomplishment. Sit back and think about how many businesses come and go during that time? Add in a pandemic, and that marks a bold accomplishment, and that's what the folks at Freedom's Edge Brewing Company will be doing this week. This will not only be 10 years of Freedom's Edge but two years with the current ownership of the Downtown brewery.

Their brewery near the corner of Pioneer and West 15th street is a very popular area year-round, but especially during the warmer months with several block parties going on, food trucks, and more. If you look at half of the city-wide events happening in Cheyenne, you'll see Freedom's Edge attached to it. They truly are champions of Cheyenne.

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The celebration that they're calling the Multiversary Celebration, is happening this Saturday, February 26th. According to their Facebook event, they'll have food trucks, a special birthday beer, and special treats.

The good news, it's looking like we'll pull out of our current cold snap by Saturday, though, it'll still hover around freezing, that's better than what we're getting tomorrow and Wednesday. Woof. We don't talk about cold snaps.

This looks like it's going to be an awesome celebration at Freedom's Edge this weekend, you could almost say that this Multiversary is a Multiversary of...madness? Just kidding, we don't need Disney coming around here. Though, there could be some Supremely Strange things going on at this event. Or not. Probably not. That was a stretch, I'll own it. I just couldn't help myself. I'll just sit back here and look forward to the special birthday beer with everyone else.

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