Get ready to have your breakfast world rocked.

You know what I really, really love in this world? Breakfast. It's the most important meal of the day and it happens to be my favorite. It's acceptable to eat in place of any other meal, it's super trendy when people call it brunch, and it can be sweet or savory or both. It's the thing I look forward to every single day. Like, right now, I'm dreaming about breakfast tomorrow.

Now that my love of breakfast has been noted, you can bet that I'm super excited about Burger King bringing back the French Toast Sandwich.

The fast food chain announced that this breakfast favorite from 2019 will be back on the menu nationwide beginning March 25. That means you can enjoy its sweet and savory goodness by the end of the week. Customers can order theirs with eggs, cheese and their choice of bacon, sausage or ham layered between two slices of French toast. Plus, Burger King is adding a new spin...

Maple. Butter. Sauce.

Those French toast slices are slathered in a maple compound butter. In other words, it's a maple syrup butter sauce. Yum! The only thing that would make this thing even better would be a layer of hash browns. I guess I'll be adding those to mine just like I've done in the past with the Croissan'wich.

Will you be in the drive-thru line for this one? The last time it was on the menu was in 2019. Some influencers and reviewers were able to get their hands on this one early so here's a sneak peek.

Warning: your mouth may water.

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