The Cheyenne City Council passed a resolution Monday night reiterating its support for the expedient redevelopment of the Hynds Building and "the hole."

The council in February 2017 pledged $750,000 to build a parking lot in the hole next to the Hynds, but that plan never materialized.

They're now giving that money to the Downtown Development Authority to help fund the redevelopment of the Hynds and the hole as one project.

"It (the Hynds) hasn't gone anywhere for 30 plus years and if we don't do anything it's not going to go anywhere until it falls in," said Council President Dr. Mark Rinne. "If the DDA comes up with a viable alternative, whether it be a local developer or an out of town developer, it's worth our risk."

"Without a public/private partnership it's clear that nothing is going to happen with those two properties​," said Councilman Rocky Case. "If we don't give this a shot I think we're giving up on downtown."

Councilmen Pete Laybourn and Dicky Shanor were absent from Monday night's meeting.

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