It's not everyday that a country star gives you a shoutout for dancing to their song. But when you do it in such a 'Fancy Like' way as Cheyenne East High School did, it's more than well deserved! Walker Hayes loved the choreographed dance video that Cheyenne East made to his worldwide crossover hit song.

The creative video features students, faculty, and staff dancing along to the catchy hit, 'Fancy Like' in several settings in and around the facilities at Cheyenne East High School. You almost can't help but dance along with the video while you watch it. The video 'Cheyenne East is Fancy Like' was originally posted on the East High Athletics Facebook page on December 3rd. Let's all check out the video here...

The choreography throughout the video is completely on point! The 'Fancy Like' video was so creative, it got the attention of Walker Hayes, himself. Just this morning (December 15th), Hayes made a video of his own to give his reaction and appreciation for Cheyenne East and their efforts in support of his chart topping song. Here's Walker Hayes reaction:

It's always awesome to see stars show their appreciation for fans in whatever form that it comes, especially when it's something like a personal response. The initial video has gone viral and the response from Hayes to Cheyenne East is in the process of doing so as we speak.

Not only is the original video from Cheyenne East blowing up, as it should with the creativity displayed, but now, Walker Hayes knows a city he needs to be sure to visit when it's time for him to come back around on tour! Who knows, maybe even next year for Cheyenne Frontier Days? Kudos again on an amazing video, Cheyenne East High School!

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