Wait, a movie costs 13 bucks to get into? I get that’s your first thought, and I don’t fault you, going to a regular movie theater is fairly expensive these days, but the saints working with Cheyenne Events have done something that will make the movie going experience the best possible version of itself. They’re doing a film series where they’re showing some older films that you can be excited to watch on the Big Screen once again, and for the price of just $13, you’ll get the VIP experience, which includes your ticket, popcorn AND a beer. Are you serious, Clark? Yes! A beer with your ticket. It’s only 5 dollars more than a regular ticket. I’m sold.  

The movies they’re show are fantastic as well. School of Rock(Jack Black’s finest, sans Orange County), Almost Famous(that bus scene, though), Rock Star(Marky Mark, much?) and Led Zeppelin's The Song Remains The Same(rock on).  

Here’s what Cheyenne Events says about it: 

It’s been a rough year but we got you. Purchase your ticket online to any of the films in our music series and get a beer with popcorn for just a few dollars more. We’ll cover the rest. Added bonus? You get to skip the line and we’ll bring your order right to your seat. This weekend only! Use the access code LetsRock at check out. 

Great movies, and a beer to go with a VIP experience, where do I sign up? Well, you sign up here. 

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