Frontier Park is a place known for it's Cowboys(and girls) coming in for 10 days a year to show their grit, along with other forms of entertainment that people travel across the country to check out. But when you think of Cheyenne Frontier Days, do you think of the possibility of there being some paranormal activity within the grounds? More specifically, the Cheyenne Frontier Days Museum? I mean, any place could have some form of activity, but when I think of haunted places or places in Cheyenne that have a large amount of activity, I don't think of the Cheyenne Frontier Days Museum.

Maybe I'm just ignorant to the history of the building that holds the history of the Daddy Of Em' All. Maybe some of those artifacts have something hanging on to them. Either way, you can check out for yourself, as the Cheyenne Frontier Days Museum has announced that they will being doing paranormal tours every Thursday in October. Here's what we know so far from a press release.

Haunting Across America is working with the CFD Old West Museum to host Paranormal Tours every Thursday this October, with a special tour on Friday, October 29th for Museum Members Only. See what's lurking within the Museum walls!

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They're bringing in Haunting Across America for this? This should be something fun to take the family to for some fun in spooky season. The tours are to start at 6:30 each Thursday, so get ready to learn about the museum's haunted history.

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