Cheyenne Regional Medical Center is the first hospital in Wyoming to add the Mazor X robotic surgical assurance and guidance system to its spinal surgery program, according to a release from the hospital.

According to CRMC, one of the advantages of the Mazor X is that it allows for minimally invasive techniques, i9ncluding smaller incisions, less pain, less blood loss, shorter hospitalization and shorter recovery time. it can also analyze and pair images from different kinds of imaging technology, as well as images taken at different times and on different anatomical planes.

It also reads and recognizes a patients individual anatomical features. That allows doctors to plana head for potential problems. Dr. Claudio Feler of CRMC says of the device, "At the end of the day, there is no doubt that it is enhancing the precision of our surgery." He says it is especially useful in more complex spinal surgeries.

He says some of the biggest challenges in such surgical procedures are placing items such as rods and screws properly, and he says the Mazor X is a big asset in those types of cases.

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