Another new business is coming to Cheyenne in front of Menards. Tommy's Express Car Wash will be the third business to go up in the space in front of the home improvement chain.

Just off Dell Range and Windmill, by now, everyone in Cheyenne has been to Chick-fil-a since it opened its location in 2015. then just to the east of that, Firestone Tires put opened up their location in the midst of 2020. And now, according to Octopolis, the new Tommy's Express Car Wash will go up on the east side of Firestone Tires.

The new automatic drive-thru car wash will likely be the closest of the three outlot businesses to Dell Range Blvd. Given the wide open space, it's definitely a prime opportunity for Tommy's Express Car Wash to go up. Let's take a look at that particular area.

Location of the New Tommy's Express Car Wash

From the angle of the Menards parking lot, as you can see, just to the east of the Firestone Tires, there's a huge space to build the new establishment on. You can faintly see the Sonic on Dell Range would be across from the Tommy's Express Car Wash location.

As Octopolis noted, it is possible that when you're in the long Chick-fil-a drive thru, you can decide to not only get a set of new tires at Firestone Tires, but then finish it off with a car wash at Tommy's Express Car Wash. Then when you pull into the Menards parking lot, you would look like a total baller as you collect all your supplies for your new home improvement project. Of course, given how fast that long Chick-fil-a line moves thanks to their great customer service, you should probably come prepared with all those thoughts.

Get ready for another available car wash, Cheyenne!

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