NAWEOA 2018 Torch Run

The North American Wildlife Enforcement Officers Association Torch Run 5K ran smoothly last night in Wyoming's state Capital City, Cheyenne.

The 5k is ran by wildlife enforcement officers and their families to raise money for the North American Game Warden Museum. Almost 400 officers and family members met at the Wyoming Hereford Ranch to kick off the run/walk. There are 450 officers and their family attending the 2018 North American Wildlife Enforcement Officers Association Conference, in Cheyenne. The conference helps bring together all the game wardens from the United States and Canada.

Nina Beach ran the 5k with her children. She is a Wyoming game warden spouse. She says, “I like taking the kids to NAWEOA so they can get a glimpse of what their dad does for work and they get to see the awards and honors that are given for the hard work by all the dedicated officers around Canada and the US. It is awesome to see all the officers network and learn from each other. It's fun for the kids and spouses to share stories and meet up year after year, as well. Of course, it is great to have it in Wyoming to share our beautiful state with so many people who appreciate nature, our wildlife and resources. Hopefully they'll be able to have time to take in other sights while they are here."

The results are in from the run as well:

Overall Winner

 Dennis Schumway, age 37, 22:47

Men's Division

Dennis Schumway, age 37, 22:47

Nick Roberts, age 35, 22:57

Tim Olson, age 36, 23:30

Women's Division

Marly Vandenbosch, 27:09

Emmy Archuleta, 27:45

Kim Olson, 27.50

Over 50 Division

Jason Surface, age 51, 24:40

Ray Dierking, age 60, 27:38

Ken Snowden, age 61, 29:50

Youth Division

Rocky Finnegan, age 13, 26:06

Creighton Beach, age 10, 27:08

Rylan Birg, age 10, 27:15

Walker Division

Bob Verberkmoes, age 63, 37:46

Randy Nelson, age 62, 38:45

Dave Palmer, age 67, 40:10

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