There are dozens of haunted buildings in and around Cheyenne, but if you're really looking for a scare, the "Gates of Hell" are only 90 miles away.

Between Brighton and Thornton, Colo., on Riverdale Road, there was an old mansion that remains steeped in local lore. According to legend, that's where a deranged man once burned his wife and children alive. The actual gates are long gone, but some believe the site is haunted by a woman in white. The eerie area is also home to another urban legend involving the ghosts of slaves who were allegedly lynched in an underground chicken coup.

The 11-mile stretch is a popular destination for curiosity seekers in the fall. Some claim to have witnessed a phantom jogger darting in front of cars. Others have reported a cadaverous Camaro attempting to run other vehicles off the road.

From Cheyenne, the quickest route to the "Gates of Hell" is I-25 South to E-470 South, exit on Quebec Street and follow to Riverdale Road. Or you can avoid tolls by taking Exit 243 and following CO-66 from Meade to US-85 South through Brighton to Riverdale.

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