The Cheyenne Police Department deals with a lot of unpleasant situations, but rarely do they get apology letters.

After the CPD received several hangup calls on February 22, officers traced the residence and investigated the source. Luckily there turned out to be no emergency at the house, but there were a couple kids who were in big trouble.

The homeowners didn't have to look far for their prime suspects who quickly apologized for their error to the officers. As a peace offering, the kids were asked to write another apology letter and help make some baked goods to deliver to the police department.

Cheyenne Police Department
Cheyenne Police Department

CPD offered a quick reminder for all parents and children on their Facebook page. 

If you misuse 911, your mom might make you bake cookies! We had this nice note along with some baked goods that were brought in over the weekend. Remember, if you call 911 we will come and make sure you're alright! Kids, use 911 for emergencies only. Parents, be aware that any phone, even a disconnected phone with no cellular plan will connect with 911. - Cheyenne Police Department Facebook page

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