We all know that Cheyenne could definitely use plenty more options in terms of fast food restaurants. For the record, we would love more options for local restaurants too but that argument is irrelevant for this. In terms of fast food joints that we would love in the capital city, we've even listed some great fast food chains that should come here. However, one thing that Cheyenne absolutely does have is the best fast food cheeseburger there is!

Based on this place's popularity, it would be tough to disprove this is we took our own survey in Cheyenne about 'which fast food joint has the best cheeseburger?' Lucky for us, a very credible sources decided to do the research themselves. So we'll go with the results they came up with.

The popular food publication, 'Eat This, Not That' listed the best fast food cheeseburgers. There wasn't a survey for this. Instead they put their best food critics on the task to get the results. As it turns out, 4 of the top 7 best fast food cheeseburgers that made the list are in Cheyenne.

Before we tell you who topped the list, which happens to be here in the capital city, regardless of where you go, you should probably stay away from these 8 burgers listed at the link provided for health reasons.

As for the best fast food cheeseburger, which is in Cheyenne, it's at Five Guys. Here's what 'Eat This, Not That' had to say about the top ranking fast food cheeseburger:

It's not much of a surprise that this massive cheeseburger took our #1 spot. It's hard to argue with such a large sandwich, and it all-around hit the spot for most of our tasters. If you're a meat lover, this cheeseburger is the one for you.


The Verdict

Right off the bat, just one look at this cheeseburger had us excited. One editor wrote, "Five Guys wins for presentation. This is one THICK cheeseburger." Another editor argued that the "toppings taste fresh and could be overpowering but the thick patty makes up for it."


We all loved the familiar grill taste coming from the patties. An editor said this cheeseburger "tasted like a cookout cheeseburger or [a] homemade [one]." To put it in other words, this cheeseburger had a "beefier taste" in comparison to all the others...

The list of the top seven fast food cheeseburgers picked is as follows:

  1. Five Guys
  2. Shake Shack
  3. Wendy's
  4. Smashburger
  5. McDonald's
  6. Burger King
  7. Checkers

So there it is, Cheyenne. If you want the best fast food cheeseburger, we have it here in the capital city. Enjoy!

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