Why isn't today a federal holiday? I feel like someone dropped the ball on this one.

Hi. My name is Jessica. And I'm obsessed with burgers. No, really. Recently a friend asked me what my ideal hamburger would be and I honestly couldn't answer her. I just can't get enough of them. If America was built on beef, the cheese burger is the house built on top of that foundation.

So you know I'm celebrating #NationalCheeseburgerDay today.

The only thing better than a juicy cheeseburger, is a discounted/free juicy cheeseburger. That deal adds a new level of deliciousness. We've got some places in our area that are serving up some serious burger-licious deals.

IHOP: Order the Ultimate Steakburger and get a free plate of pancakes. Personally, I would have served a burger on those fluffy pancakes, topped with bacon and a fried egg. Then I would have smothered the entire thing with syrup... but that's just me.

McDonald's: Download the McDonald's app. Any orders made through that app will receive a free cheeseburger. Free... I love that flavor.

Wendy's: Similar to McDonald's, you'll need to download the app. Place your order through the app and get a free Dave's single. Wendy's is offering this through the end of September.

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