Do you remember some of the great hamburgers you've eaten in Cheyenne?

Over the years, there have been many Burger joints that have come and gone in Cheyenne, here's a list of the five hamburger restaurants I miss the most.

Cruisin' Thru Sign
Cruisin' Thru Sign-Mike Rorabeck, Townsquare Media

1. Cruisin' Thru-(formerly called The In and Out) The little red brick building in the middle of the lot at 5th Street and South Greeley Highway has now been replaced by another Family Dollar store to compete with their other one over the hill. I sure miss those greasy cheeseburgers, their Polish Dogs, chili-Fritos and those fabulous French fries.

2. Griff's Burger Bar-(has since been turned into the Burger Inn) This classic burger restaurant at the corner of Snyder and West Pershing was in the A-framed part of the building which was decorated in yellow, red and white. Their sign was one of my favorite parts with the Pillsbury Dough Boy-looking cook in the chef's hat. They had thin burgers topped with diced sauteed onions and their fries were skinny and delicious. We spent many summer days eating while leaning against the side of their sloped building.

3. Burger Chef-(now the parking lot for Kum & Go on East Lincolnway) I always liked the taste of their flame-broiled burgers much better than the Burger King. Their trademark was putting the hamburgers into a clear plastic baggie, you sure knew when you picked it up that your burger was hot. Yeowch! Maybe that's why they aren't there anymore.

4. Henry's Hamburgers-(in the middle of the Cole Shopping Center at Pershing and Converse) When we first moved to Cheyenne and I was a little Kindergartner, I remember going to a hamburger stand out in the parking lot of the Cole Safeway store. It seemed like they had some friendly smiling logo on their wrappers, but I was real little, maybe it was just a Burger Dream. Does anyone else remember Henry's?

Sherri Rorabeck, Townsquare Media
Former A&W on South Greeley Hwy by S. Rorabeck, Townsquare Media

5. A&W Restaurants-(Cheyenne has had 2 locations; at the corner of Pershing Blvd and Ridge Road and on S. Greeley Hwy south of Allison Road) We used to love ordering Papa Burgers, Mama Burgers and Teen Burgers at the drive up speakers when we'd go to the A&W's. Of course you had to order the trademark root beer floats in the heavy glass mugs that the car hops would try balance on the flimsy tray hanging from your window. In later years, the South Greeley Highway location was revived as another great hamburger joint, Nifty Fifty's!

Sherri Rorabeck, Townsquare Media
Former A&W at Ridge and Pershing, Now DT's. S. Rorabeck, Townsquare Media

What are your favorite memories of some of Cheyenne's lost hamburger stands?

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