Who has Cheyenne’s best hamburgers?

My vote goes to the Cruisin’ Thru, formerly the In n’ Out, at 5th Street and Central Avenue. The little red house in the parking lot on the south side has fantastic old fashioned cheeseburgers and real French fries. Their Chili Fritos is great too and don’t forget their hot dogs and Polish dogs.

There’s almost always a line at the drive-thru, the walk up window is the way to go and the ladies will get you some tasty, affordable lunch fast.

Last Fall, they told me the owner of the land had sold the property to Family Dollar so they’d be closing any time now. They were still open last week when I drove past on South Greeley Highway.

Get your burgers while you can!

The Cruisin’ Thru opened in 1953 as In n’ Out, they had to change their name due to the In-N-Out burger chain in California.

My friend and former co-worker at the U.S. Postal Service, Rich Williams, told me the Goldhammers owned the restaurant and then sold it to Cathy Martinez.

They have been my favorite for years. Cruisin’ Thru isn’t open on the weekends and they close early in the evening so stop by for lunch and enjoy some good home cooked food from the little red house.

Thanks to Rick Henderson for helping to inspire this blog.

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