Cheyenne Still Loves this Lost Hamburger Stand and Drive-in

To top off the perfect evening in Cheyenne of the past, people want to go from Cruisin’ Thru to the Starlight Drive-in for a movie. Drive-ins are greatly missed by Cheyenne.

google maps
google maps

Cheyenne also really misses buffet restaurants. Places like Bonanza, Country Buffet, King's Buffett, and Golden Corral.

Other places that hold a special place in the memories of Cheyenne include:

  • Owl Inn
  • Mayflower
  • Burger Chef
  • The Shanty Shop
  • Time Out Arcade
  • Shakeys
  • Cheyenne Book and Record Exchange
  • Grand Central
  • Wards
  • Sea Galley
  • Beef and Bird


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