Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr says she should not have told 2019 Superday attendees who took to Facebook after the event complaining about parking fees and expensive armbands to "kick rocks."

"We probably didn't communicate well enough to the public that some events do have some costs associated with them because we have to rent the equipment," Orr said during her third State of the City address Tuesday afternoon at the Cheyenne Civic Center.

"I just saw people just taking after (my city employees) and I made the mistake of responding back and saying our employees rock and if you don't like it you can kick rocks," she added.

Orr's Facebook comments put in question the future of the annual event, which celebrated its 37th year in 2019, but she says there will be a Superday in 2020.

"We've listened to the public (and) are going to make some modifications," said Orr. "So yes, there is going to be a Superday, and please don't kick rocks."


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